Did you know plumbing inspections are a necessity for most homeowners? An inspection helps you keep a well-maintained home for you and your family. After all, water leaks are a common issue among home appliances. 

There are more ways to check for a leak than peeking beneath your kitchen sink. Keep a maintenance service checklist at your side when calling a professional. 

Fixtures and appliances are important assets to your home, so it’s best to keep them running in tip-top shape. Keep reading to learn four places to check water-using appliances for leaks. 

1. Check Hoses and Supply Lines

One of the first places you should check for water leak issues is the water hoses for appliances. Supply lines bringing water to your appliances may spring a leak from time to time.

Most leaks occur at the end of the line rather than the beginning. So, check your connectors. 

Make sure to use a clean, dry tissue when checking moisture inside your lines. If it’s a cold-water line, you may find natural condensation. 

2. Refrigerator Drip Pan or Dishwasher Pan

The dishwasher pan is the place where water collects. And a drip pan is the part beneath your refrigerator. Check both of these places for water leaks. 

Drip pans and pans are often made from plastic, so they’re prone to wear and tear. After a few years, they tend to break down and fall apart from frequent use. Include these areas in your home maintenance inspection

3. Check Drain Lines

One of the most common places you’ll find a water leak includes the drain line. This also includes your drain lines within your washing machine and dishwasher.

If the seal where the drain line connects starts cracking, that may be the cause. Check the seals often to make sure they don’t have cracks inside them. 

Your fridge doesn’t expel tons of wastewater like a dishwasher. But your fridge does have a condensate drain line. This line often clogs and leaks water. 

4. Drain Pumps

Signs of a water leak include puddles of water under appliances. This is one of the most common signs you should check for water leaks. 

Drain pumps may rot and deteriorate over time. Sometimes the connection between the seal and lines detaches or fails. Also, the pump itself may have stopped working. 

Where Should I Check for Water Leaks? 

There are many water leak signs you should look for as a homeowner. Some of these signs include puddles under appliances and foul-smelling odors. 

Keep a maintenance checklist in your kitchen for times like these. The checklist should include areas that are most likely to have leaks. High-risk areas include sinks and dishwashers. 

Don’t forget to check connector lines and water hoses for appliances. Most connectors and seals deteriorate over time. 

If you think you may have water leaks, don’t panic. Home maintenance is just a call away. For more information, consult our 21 point home maintenance checklist today.

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