How long has your house water pressure been low? Days, weeks, or months? Ending a long day with a weak shower is deeply unsatisfying.

Even though you may tolerate the low water pressures, you should treat your guests eager to visit this fall. As a host, you want to give them the best experience; enjoyable hot showers with just the right amount of water pressure.

You can troubleshoot water pressure problems with minimal investment in money and time. When running your fall home maintenance routines, increasing water pressure should be among your priorities. The 5 tips below can help increase your home water pressure.

1. Look Out for Leaks

Once in a while, your pipes may crack or fracture. This will reduce water pressure. As water escapes through the leaks, less and less of it will reach your specific tap.

If your water pressure problem is due to leakage, you need to address it immediately. A typical leak of 10 drips per minute can drain around 29 gallons per month. Such leakages can damage other infrastructure in your home.

During routine home maintenance, you should include inspection of leaky pipes in your checklist.

2. Unclog your Pipes

In old houses, the plumbing system may be clogged with mineral accumulations. There is nothing much you can do to prevent mineral deposits and accumulation over time. In worst-case scenarios, this can leave you with a pitiful drip in the shower.

Unfortunately, if you don’t have plumbing expertise, removing such clogs can be difficult.

In such incidences, you need a professional plumbing expert to avoid causing more damages.

3. Adjust the Pressure Reducing Valve

The pressure-reducing valve controls your water flow rate. The valve is used to turn the water on and off. If the valve is halfway turned on, this can cause low water pressure.

Locate your main control valves in your home’s water meter box and ensure it is completely on.

Obstructed shut-off valves are easy to fix. It will take you less than 5 minutes to troubleshoot the water pressure problem.

4. Install Water Pressure Booster Pump

You might need a water pressure booster if the water pressure problem is due to external factors like gravity and distance. If your water travels uphill or a long distance, the pressure can decline.

Consider installing a booster pump to increase water pressure. Use a technician to determine the ideal booster and facilitate installation.

5. Call Your Local Water Department

Call your water supplier to determine if there are water supply problems. During maintenance, sometimes the water flow may be regulated. Your supplier can also provide important information like your flow rate and planned maintenance.

Before making major repairs, it’s important to call your supplier.

Fix Your Water Pressure Problems Today

Don’t brush off water pressure problems. Low water pressure ranks low when it comes to routine home maintenance. Unfortunately, the problem could be bigger than you imagine.

Undersized supply piping, leaking, and clogged pipes need to be fixed.

If you are unsure how to fix your problem, contact us to schedule an evaluation.

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