Did you know that we have over 60,000 species of tree on the planet?

Every tree needs slightly different care. From varying water needs to aversions to sunlight, if you want your own tree to thrive, it’s vital you pay attention to its specific needs! But, there is one aspect of tree maintenance that’s essential across species: tree pruning.

If you have trees in your backyard, don’t forget to add pruning to your home maintenance checklist! But, as your list changes throughout the year, should your pruning habits, too?

Find out whether or not you should be pruning in the winter in this handy guide.

When to Prune Trees Throughout the Year

You’re probably used to taking the shears to your foliage when the sun is warm and your garden is in full bloom. Spring and summer pruning is a well-known must! 

However, just because the weather turns frosty doesn’t mean you should stop your tree work (or other home maintenance tasks, for that matter). Winter pruning is just as important as summer pruning, and putting off doing yours until the cold disappears could damage your trees. 

What Are the Benefits of Tree Pruning in the Winter?

There are tons of benefits to tree pruning service in the colder months of the year. Let’s take a look at a few:

Stop Diseases From Spreading

Proper pruning should be carried out all year round to prevent diseases from spreading. Many of these diseases will be dormant in your tree during the winter, which means there’s less chance of them spreading as you carry out your pruning, keeping your foliage safe and healthy. In fact, it’s actually a much better idea to prune trees with fire blight during the winter!

Make Way For New Branches

By cutting your tree back in winter, you make way for new branches to come through in spring. It encourages growth and creates a more beautiful tree.

Give Your Tree Time to Heal

Winter tree safety is important to prevent your plants from dying in the cold weather, but there are also many dangers of summer. When pruning in warm weather, your tree is more susceptible to pathogens and destructive insects. By pruning in the winter, you keep them safe from these things and give them plenty of time to heal before the hot sunshine is back and they’re ready to grow again!

Keep Up With Your Winter Home Maintenance

Home maintenance and tree pruning don’t stop when the weather gets cold! Keeping your trees cut back when the frost hits is a brilliant way to improve their health and keep them beautiful for years to come.

If you’d like more information on home maintenance tasks, request our 21-point home maintenance checklist today. When it comes to keeping your home looking its best throughout the year, from summer to winter, we’re the experts!

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