Garage door safety is an important part of routine home maintenance and safety. 54% of surveyed Americans have never had a garage door safety check. These Americans are putting themselves at risk, especially as temperatures begin to drop.

In this article, we discuss everything you need to know about making necessary repairs in your garage and why they’re important. Continue reading to save money and increase your family’s safety.

Garage Door Check

Start your winter garage checks and repairs by inspecting your garage door, especially if it’s not part of your routine home maintenance checks. Start by inspecting the door itself for any damage or cracks.

Next, you should check for any issues with the door mechanisms. Common issues include a lack of lubrication and a build-up of debris in the tracks. These are easily fixed by applying some grease or WD-40 after cleaning.

Inspect and Insulate Walls

Taking care of ceiling or wall cracks is important before temperatures drop. The same can be said about soft spots in your garage floor and walls. These vulnerabilities can get worse as snow and ice form, melt, and reform.

This kind of winter home maintenance is about more than parking or working in a warm garage. It’s about keeping your energy bill as low as possible. These types of garage issues can allow cold air in.

Your energy bill will continue to increase since the system must work harder to maintain a certain temperature. The best thing to do is to make repairs in your garage and ensure proper insulation. Using expanding foam or caulk works well.

Prevent Freezing and Heat Loss

When making your list of needed repairs in your garage, be sure to include your pipes. Leaving pipes exposed and vulnerable to the cold air can be detrimental to your pipe system and home.

If the water inside of these pipes freezes, the water expands. Since the water has nowhere to escape, the pipes are likely to burst. Not only does this leave you without water, but it can also leave you with water damage and expensive repairs.

If your water heater is stored in the garage, consider investing in a water heater blanket. This blanket is another method to conserve heat and lower your energy bill by up to 16%.

Repair Damaged Weather Stripping

If you want to park or work in a warm garage, consider checking the weatherstripping along the doors and windows. The seal in weatherstripping can shrink and break as it dries out and cracks over time.

Replacing it is a good task to add to your list of winter home maintenance needs. Start by scraping out all of the old weatherstrippings. Then, recaulk the vital areas to form a secure seal.

Start on Repairs in Your Garage

Pre-winter garage checks and repairs are an essential part of routine home maintenance. It’s time to start repairs in your garage to minimize damage from the weather and maximize energy savings.

Let us take care of these winter home maintenance tasks for you. Contact us today to get started with your home maintenance plan.