When it comes to home maintenance, no one likes doing it. It seems like there’s always something else that needs doing, and there’s no end to the list of things that need to be done.  

Your job as a savvy homeowner isn’t necessarily about fixing everything. Rather, follow a natural schedule all year long. One thing that can help is a home maintenance plan.

How To Implement Your Home Maintenance Plan

Implementing your home maintenance plan should be fairly simple. Start by writing down your home’s maintenance tasks on a calendar or spreadsheet. Next, categorize each task as either routine maintenance or periodic maintenance, depending on whether it should be done monthly, quarterly, or annually. Then, assign each task to a day of the week or month.

Checking For Gas Leaks

One very important way to protect your family from harm is to inspect your home for leaks regularly. Check for leaks around the stove, in furnaces, fireplaces, and water heaters, and anywhere else gas may be entering your home. Leaking gas not only threatens your safety but will also add a significant expense to your utility bill. 

Here are four easy ways to identify a gas leak:

  1. Identify Sulfur or Rotten Egg smells.
    Most natural gas companies add mercaptan to natural gas to give it a distinct aroma. Often, the odor can be detected in your home as sulfur or rotten eggs. 
  2. Listen for hissing or whistling.
    If the noise originates near your air conditioner, it could be a refrigerant leak, a damaged compressor, or a leaky valve. 
  3. Examine the stove or oven top.
    When you first turn on a gas stove, the flame is usually blue. Orange or red flames on your stove burner imply that there may be a gas in the air that’s removing oxygen. 
  4. Check for gas leaks with a leak detector.
    Gas leak detectors are the best way to find out if you have a leak. They’re available in many varieties.

Home Maintenance Plan & Checklists

Checklists help keep your home in balance, but do you have the time to perform all the tasks?

Don’t worry – if you’re not sure where to start, you can request a 21-point home maintenance checklist from Ambassador Home Maintenance and have pros on hand to help. 

We provide scheduled proactive home maintenance services quarterly, biannually, and annually by a team of highly qualified professionals. As with a routine health check-up, a home maintenance schedule will help you keep your home in top condition and avoid breakdowns. You will also benefit from exclusive discounts, free estimates, and 1-hour of bonus fix-it service per visit. Contact us today to get started.