Many homeowners take their functional garage door for granted until it malfunctions. However, if you act in advance by performing seasonal garage door maintenance as part of your routine home maintenance, you can prevent a costly and potentially dangerous malfunction before it happens.

Garage door upkeep probably isn’t as daunting as it may seem. Here are some simple tips for season garage door maintenance.

Winter Maintenance

Winter brings specialized hazards thanks to the cold air and melting snow.

Follow these tips to prevent garage door freezing and garage inefficiency:

  • Fill cracks in the door with caulk
  • Test door balance
  • Apply weather-stripping to windows in the door

Summer Maintenance

Hot weather and bright UV rays can deteriorate and damage garage door building materials. The warm conditions can also provide an excellent breeding ground for mold, especially in humid areas.

Try these tips to maintain your garage door in the summer:

  • Reinforce doors and windows
  • Touch up paint on the door
  • Add protective topcoat

All Season Maintenance

There are some things that you should do every time you tend to your garage door. Even though it may seem like a lot, if you do them 1 – 2 times a year regularly, it keeps things easy to manage.

Do these simple things every season:

  • Perform visual inspection for corrosion
  • Verify the garage door and hinges operate smoothly
  • Remove debris from the garage door track
  • Wipe down all components with a wet rag
  • Lubricate pulleys and chains
  • Locate a spare battery for the remote

Garage Door Repair

During your maintenance, you may notice something awry with your garage door.

Common problems include the garage door opening and closing on its own, the garage door feeling heavy, and the garage door operating unevenly.

Garage doors can last up to 30 years. When you notice the door deteriorating due to metal and your garage is getting up in age, it may be time to install a new garage door.

Garage Door Accidents

It’s important to note that garage door accidents cause over 20,000 injuries every year, some even becoming fatal. Many of those accidents occur due to no fault of the injured party but mechanical failure and a lack of safety features.

Always take the proper precautions when performing maintenance on your garage door. Also, never take on a task you don’t feel comfortable performing. For your safety and the safety of your family, opt for professional garage door repair services to ensure the job gets done correctly.

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