Sealing your driveway is a regular part of driveway maintenance that will add several years to the life of your concrete.

However, many people do not know why walkway and driveway sealing is important and how it is done. Do you want to learn more about how to repair your concrete walkways and driveways by filling your cracks and using a concrete driveway sealer?

Keep reading this guide for everything you need to know about walkway and driveway sealing.

What Is Driveway Sealing?

Driveway and walkway sealing is a regular home maintenance service that protects your concrete from the sun, oil, ice, and other regular wear and tear. It works to waterproof your driveway and can prevent cracks, discoloration, and more.

Because it acts as a protective layer, driveway sealing will add several years of life to your concrete walkways and driveways and can repair and prevent future cracks in your asphalt or concrete.

Before you seal your driveways or asphalt walkways, you need to understand the root cause of cracking. This can be due to roots from nearby trees, slow settling over time, erosion from drainage or a water line break, or even heavy loads on your concrete or asphalt walkways.

By understanding the cause of your driveway cracking, you can find the best solution to fix it.

Crack Filling & Driveway Sealer Application

Applying driveway sealer requires a lot of preparation. First, your driveway sealer company will make sure your concrete is completely clean and dry, so the sealer will adhere to the concrete rather than the grease or grime that is on it.

Before you seal your walkway or driveway, you also need to take care of the existing cracks. A concrete and asphalt sealing and repair company will begin by cleaning the cracks with high-pressure air or water.

Once these cracks are clean and dry, they are filled with cement crack fillers, and cement mortar to completely fill in the cracks. You want to be sure you use a filler with good elasticity and adhesion.

By patching and filling the cracks in your driveway, you can be sure that you have a more permanent solution when you seal your walkway or driveway.

To apply the actual sealer, professional companies use something like a roller or a sprayer to cover the concrete evenly. Concrete sealer is best when applied in thin layers to avoid puddling or problems with uneven coverage.

It is also vital that you let your driveway sealer dry for a few hours before applying a new coat and before you drive on it again.

Benefits of Driveway Sealing

There are many benefits of sealing your driveway. First, it will protect your cement from regular wear and tear and can help it last longer. For example, UV rays, water, gasoline, and other debris can weaken your cement and may lead to discoloration, cracking, and more.

Sealing your driveway and walkway will prevent these problems and will expand the life of your pavement.

Because driveway sealing is waterproof, it can also repel oil spills and will prevent staining. This means it will be easier to clean your driveway or walkways in the future.

How Often Should You Reseal?

There are a few factors that will determine how often you need to reseal your driveway.

First, it depends on the quality of the product that you use. If you work with a professional company that uses high-quality products, they will likely last longer than a cheap DIY job.

It also depends on the level of wear and tear your concrete deals with. Typically, companies recommend that you reseal your driveway every one to three years.

Hire the Best Concrete Repair Service Today

When you are dealing with driveway maintenance, it may be difficult to know what to do. While it is important to get your driveway sealed, hiring an asphalt driveway sealer will ensure you get the best results that will keep your driveways and walkways in great shape.

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